GateHouse Properties, LLC BBB Business Review

Gatehouse Properties LLC is a local real estate company. 

We specialize in investment properties and renovations in the St. Louis and surrounding areas.

 Our Mission:

To see St. Louis thrive through property renovations and investments. 

  • We value our relationships with every homeowner, investor, associate and tenant.

  • We believe that service to our hometown begins with service to the individual. 

  • We aim to make a positive impact, through real estate, in each and every community in St. Louis. 



Our Services

At GHP We understand the importance of win-win solutions. We are win-win or bust. 

  • Purchase properties with CASH, AS-IS, in as little as 7 DAYS
  • Wholesale properties to investors. 
  • Renovations for retail market
  • Partner with wholesalers
  • Provide mentorship and training